rsync for transferring harddrive images

chris at chris at
Wed Oct 8 21:14:37 EST 2003


I have a project where I have to backup (copy /dev/hda on a server) and
recover (copy back) hardrives from the clients. I tried this with rsync

  BACKUP:  rsync /dev/hda user at host:/path/to/image
  RECOVER: rsync user at host:/path/to/image /dev/hda

There is a problem when accessing devices like /dev/hda. The transfer
aborts after a few seconds with the error message:

  write failed on /dev/hda: Success
  unexpected EOF in read timeout

Any suggestions?

Also I want to save those images zipped at the server. Is this possible? I
thought of using a pipe or a fifo. Can the algorithm of rsync work
correctly then?

Regards Chris Burkert

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