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Clint Boggio clint.boggio at
Thu Oct 2 08:06:47 EST 2003

Ahhh yes silly me. Toying around with it I came to that conclusion.
Specifying the secrets file as the source of the password was my
problem. I created a file on the local machine and put the password in
there just as plain as could be. I made it readable only for root. Then
I ran the command and it worked like a charm. Now I am off to figure out
a way to make each module log to a different logfile.

If I knew anything about code I would add an option to read a file to
gather the source of the archive like tar -t. Thank you very much for
your help. I will hang around and see if I can help somebody with this
powerfull tool. Thanks again!!!
Clint Boggio <clint.boggio at>
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