Clint Boggio clint.boggio at hoganhardwoods.com
Thu Oct 2 05:34:56 EST 2003

I am moving from an anonymous rsync setup to a password protected rsync
setup. I have my module involved in the test configured to auth only for
one user. The secrets file is working just fine for I have tested it.
Before I decided to go with a password protected setup, I had a script
that cron ran every night at 2 am. worked like a charm. I added the
--password-file=/etc/rsyncd.secrets argument to the script and it says
"AUTH FAILED FOR MODULE XXX".  So I ran the command without that
argument and it prompted me for a password. I gave the password that is
in the secrets file and it proceeded. I can post the config files if it
would help. 

Secrets file is readable only by root

I am on the client, connecting to the rsync server running in --daemon

Clint Boggio <clint.boggio at hoganhardwoods.com>
Hogan Hardwoods & Moulding

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