IPv6 literal addresses on command line

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Fri Nov 28 05:45:20 EST 2003

On Thu 27 Nov 2003, cam wrote:
> I wonder if debian has included more of the USAGI patches that aren't applied
> to the 'vanilla' kernel from kernel.org? Various comments in the rsync TODO

The kernel isn't the issue. When compiling a C program, nothing about
the kernel is used. In fact, I use a vanilla 2.4.22 kernel, downloaded
from a kernel.org mirror; i.e. not a Debian-supplied kernel.

The issue is what kernel headers are used when building the glibc
environment. Now I'm not that familiar with glibc, but my understanding
is that glibc for linux takes certain kernel headers, and integrates
that into the /usr/include tree. Whether or not you can build an
IPv6-capable program is dependent on your glibc, rather than your

>   breaks.  This affects at least OSF/1, RedHat 5, and Cobalt, which
>   are moderately improtant.(sic)"

Ummm.... Isn't redhat 5 pretty ancient? I mean, a quick search indicates
that RH 5 was around in 1998... OSF/1 development stopped in 1994 AFAIK
(http://en2.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSF/1).  No sane person would still be
running those, I would hope. (Of course, my opinion is that everyone
should use Debian (even on their Cobalt or Alpha), but I'm biased :-)

Paul Slootman

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