IPv6 literal addresses on command line

cam camccuk at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 27 21:21:45 EST 2003

--- cam <camccuk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Just to get some er, 'closure' on this, if you will (spot the thinly
> disguised, desperate repost)...
> To summarise: no-one is currently using rsync over IPv6 on linux. 

Not so. I got a response from someone happily using rsync on debian. Since they
were using it in an environment where IPv6 DNS was set up, I went ahead and
configured bind for my test network, only to find rsync still failing:

[root at thing]# host -t AAAA doodah.ipv6.ournet.co.uk
doodah.ipv6.ournet.co.uk has AAAA address 3ffe:501:420:120::2
[root at thing]# rsync -Cav -6 doodah:home/cam/dev/pcapture .
doodah: Unknown host
rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes read so far)
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(189)

I can packet-trace DNS requests for an A record (rather than a quad-A) arriving
at my nameserver. 

AFAICT, on linux the rsync configure scripts look for the libinet6 library
distributed with the USAGI IPv6 kernel patches - although frankly I am out of
my depth here when it comes to analysing the Makefiles. Since I am developing
against a vanilla 2.4.22 kernel, I suspect that this is what is breaking the
name resolution - rsync is compiling with IPv6 support but is referencing the
wrong name resolution calls. This probably isn't unreasonable since most people
interested in IPv6 will be using USAGI - in our case we are developing against
a mobile IPv6 implementation which is not currently patched with USAGI. 

I further assume that debian has the libinet6 library (at least in the case of
the guy who wrote to me) and that a different mechanism is used on BSD to
detect the presence of the KAME stack.

I am not sufficiently competent (currently...) to be able to tell whether I can
use USAGI's install-includes target to simply provide libinet6 or whether this
will break my normal libraries.

Much of the above is conjecture and I would be delighted to hear any comments
or insights.


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