rsync-bugs and unclear semantics when copying multiple source-dirs to one target

Dirk Pape pape at
Tue Nov 25 18:46:38 EST 2003

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your fast answer to my problem. I am now happy to have a clear 
position from the developer of rsync (though I am not very happy with the 
position itself ;-).

--Am Dienstag, 25. November 2003 12:14 Uhr +1100 schrieb Martin Pool 
<mbp at>:

> At the moment your options are:
>   Fix rsync to support this behaviour.

I would like to take a quick look to tis first option you mentioned, before 
I conider the others.

Do you have and can you send me some API-documentation for the flist 
module, which I believe is the one, I have to modify.

Dirk Pape.
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