Rsync & Samba

John K. brack102 at
Tue Nov 25 05:40:35 EST 2003

If anyone has time to look at this problem I would appreciate it.

I think I am looking for a way to increase the "timeout" in samba (in the 
smb.conf file)
for reporting a "down" link or "can't read xyz file".

However I am writing to you folks because this problem has come up while 
using rsync

my problem

We have a wan in which links from a central linux machine to a nodes which 
are xp machines
from 1 to 5 minutes a night. not very common, but it happens.

we are using samba to mount directories on the remote linux machines to the 
linux server. (we use samba because we also have xp machines in our network 
it is just easier to use this for now).

We use rsync nightly to backup remote directories to the local linux

When one of the outages happes during a backup (rsync operation) either
- if I have not set the --timout value in rsync the operation just 
continues. Rysnc seems
not to notice that samba is reporting errors and just copies over I assume a 
bunch of 0000.
Of course the file is corrupted.

- if I have set the --timeout value in rsync, in the case of failure rsync 
just drops out. Of course if
i set the --timeout value to something like 2 minutes rsync seems to ignore 
the samba errors and continues.

What I would like to do is set a timeout value in samba for reporting errors 
from what seems
to be about 30 seconds to something like 6 minutes. Then I could set the 
--timeout value in rsync to
something like 5 minutes.

I can't find in man smb.conf anywhere were you can set something like "if 
you can't connect in 30 seconds" then report an error.

Perhaps I should be using an rysnc server or some other method.

Any help would be appreciated.

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