minimalist rsync on windows

David Wolfe dwolfe at
Mon Nov 24 05:26:13 EST 2003

> > > 1  Install cygwin ssh.exe and related DLLs (cygcrypto-0.9.7.dll,
> > > cygz.dll) in the cwrsync directory
> > 
> > Is there a page on the cygwin site where I can download only the ssh
> > client related files?

I got Robert Scholten's "rsync for minimalists" binaries to work pretty
much out-of-the box on a WinXP Pro machine--and several Win2K boxes--so
I was a little surprised to hear you had problems.  I only used RSA,
and the included ssh.exe (i.e., I didn't try to use an alternate ssh
like plink.exe, or SSH2 protocol), so maybe that's the difference(?)

FWIW, here's what I did:

1) d/l binaries from:

2) extract to c:\rsync

3) rename rsync2.5.1-dev.exe to rsync.exe

4) create a '.ssh' directory and put my RSA 'identity' file there

5) edit rsetup.bat to look like:

    set PATH=c:\rsync;%PATH%
    set CYGWIN=binmode tty
    set TERM=ansi
    set USERNAME=jdoe
    set HOME=c:\rsync
    set RSYNC_RSH=ssh.exe
6) open a shell and run c:\rsync\rsetup.bat

7) from the same shell, try a command like:
   C:\> rsync -auvzP foo.txt

This has worked quite well for me.  The only problem I ran into
was that the included rsync binary chokes on files for which the
filename portion of the path is longer than 40 characters.  I'm pretty
sure this has been fixed in the latest version of rsync, but it's not
really a deal-breaker for me.  (For what I'm doing, I just truncated the
filenames and told my colleagues not to use long names like

Just wanted to provide an alternate opinion on the matter, and say
thanks to Robert Scholten for providing these binaries!  They've been a
real god-send to me.  YMMV and all that... 8-)

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