daily back (incremental backup )

Bipinchandra Ranpura bipin_mr at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 05:21:04 EST 2003


I have Novell Netware File server.  Which is mounted
as /mnt/novell on one of my Linux m/c. 
I want to take backup of  Novell Server to my Linux
m/c. I need everyday backup of Novell server to be
taken on Linux m/c.  I don't  want full backup every
day but I need an incremental backup. I do not want to
delete any old directory or files. 

I have taken script from rsync examples, and made
changes. . But it doesn`t work can someone help me. 

#directory to backup (source)
/mnt/novell      # novell server mounted everyday just
              #                # for backup purpose

#directory on  which backup back to be

#sub-directory date wise for everyday's incremental
BACKUPDIR=`date +%Y%m%d`

OPTS="--backup --backup-dir=/home/bipin/$BACKUPDIR -a"

rsync $OPTS $BDIR $BSERVER/current  

above command creates directory current but doesnot
create any sub-directory backup-dir (date wise where
only latest updated or newly created files get
backedup). Can I get some guidance. 

Thanking you in advance. 


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