Windows XP date/timestamp issues

Gavin Durman Durman at
Wed Nov 19 01:03:42 EST 2003

Hello all!
Long time listener, first time caller. I have an issue I hope someone
has seen before. I have a NetWare6 server running RSYNC server, and a
LINUX box running RSYNC client from CRON to get the files from the
NetWare server. The command is  " rsync -qrtu --delete --exclude (some
excludes here) "   and all works well. Except...  Whenever a Windows XP
system opens a file on the NW server, and then saves the changes, the
date/time stamp doesn't change, and RSYNC (with the switches I'm using)
doesn't copy the delta over. Mac OSX clients and files ftp-d in don't
have this problem, nor do XP edited files saved into different
directories or with different names (no surprise there). Just when
they're opened and saved with the same name in the same directory. M$'s
knowledge base, Novell's, and Google have turned up nothing useful. I've
checked client caching, XP settings, NetWare NSS3 volume settings,
everything I can think of.  Now, I have RTFM, tried other switches, and
I either get a process that runs constantly, or the same behavior. I'm
at a loss and hoping someone will be generous with advice. Please tell
me my switch interpretation (from
mainly) is the issue. :)  Thanks for your time...

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