synchronisation in multiple directions.

Kurt Roeckx Q at
Sat Nov 15 05:02:47 EST 2003

We want to have the same files on multiple sites, of which one
act as master.  If the file changes on 1 site it should be moved
to the master, and then from the master to the other sites.

That part shouldn't be that hard to do, but what also should
happen is that if a file is deleted or added on one site it
should get removed or added on the sites too.  And afaik, I can't
currently do that with rsync.

The only solution I can come up with is that you keep track in a
file of what files you last got from the master.  And if the
slave now has a file more than it had last time, transfer it to
the server.  If it has a file less remove it on the server.

Do you think this solution will work?  Or are there better ways?


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