Special files and Cygwin

Pier Paolo Glave glavepp at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 15 04:08:12 EST 2003


I'm trying to use rsync to backup a linux filesystem
to a windows server.
I followed the hints that I found at
http://www.tiarnan.phlegethon.org/rsyncntdoc.html to
run rsync on windows, and it works quite well.

The only problem I found is that windows is not able
to backup linux special files (/dev/*).
I don't know if the problem is in the way rsync has
been compiled, or simply in the fact that mknod.exe is

What do you think about that?
Has anyone tried it before?
I could not find references on the mailing list
archive or on the web.

Thank you
Pier Paolo Glave

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