rsync only complete files?

Chris Price cprice at
Thu Nov 13 06:00:45 EST 2003

	Hi all;

	I have an external FTP server and want to rsync the contents of it to 
an internal server on a regular basis. Easy enuf with rsync...

	HOWEVER, some of the file transfers occuring to my external ftp server 
are in excess of 1Gb. What I would like to do is have rsync only sync 
files from the external box *when they are complete*. i.e.: If a 
external user is ftp uploading a 1Gb file to my external ftp server, I 
only wish to rsync it to my internal box when the whole 1Gb file is on 
the external box, and not before. There are some complexities with virus 
scanning and user education that is forcing me to do this.

	Can rsync be instructed to transfer files based on their modification 
or access time?


	Chris Price

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