Deleting a remote file when deleted locally...

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Tue Nov 11 14:02:07 EST 2003


I have several individual files in a directory that I want to keep
syncronized.  Here's an example:

Server #1 (host):

Now of course I can run "rsync -a /tmp/file1 remoteuser at remotehost:/tmp"...

But, when I delete /tmp/file1 from the host and try to run this it
complains about /tmp/file1 being non-existant...

Can I force (or using a more elegant method) make the remote server delete
an individual file if it no longer exists on the host?...  Obviously I do
not want to rsync the entire directory, I just want that single file to be

Oh, one more thing: a solution which involves relocating the file to a
different location is not possible in this environment....  I really need
to be able to deal with an individual file, not an entire directory..


- Greg

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