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Lapo Luchini lapo at
Sat May 31 17:29:28 EST 2003

Oswell, Michael wrote:
[sorry for the full quote, but I'm CCing the cygwin mailing list too]

>I am attempting to use rsync to "mirror" data between several windows 2000
>and windows XP systems.  I am a UNIX person by nature, so decided the
>easiest way to go about doing this would be to use Cygwin with cron and ssh
>running as services, then run the rsync connection nightly through cron.
>Cygwin is installed on both systems and works perfectly.  OpenSSH is
>installed and running, and the rsync user we created is able to ssh using
>password-less keys between the 2 systems.  When I run rsync, it correctly
>pulls the data down that I want.  The problem is that there are NO
>permissions on the files that are pulled down, so they are basically
>I have tried with and without the -p option, hoping the files would inherit
>parent directory permissions if I didn't use it, but it doesn't appear to do
>so. The command as I run it is;
>rsync -rlztpv --rsh=ssh --delete remote-fs:/path/to/the/files .
>rsync -rlztv --rsh=ssh --delete remote-fs:/path/to/the/files .
>With the "p" option included, there are no permission bits set on the files
>whatsover.  Without the "p" option, it sets the files to 0200.
>Any ideas here?  Both systems have the Domain groups in the groups file, and
>have the  rsync user as well as local users in the passwd file.  I would
>prefer to not have to have ALL domain users in the password file for cygwin
>if possible.
>I have also tried this from a DOS shell instead of a cygwin shell with the
>same results..
>Thanks in advance...
Are the files on NTFS?
Can you give some more detail about the CygWin installation?
Whetherver you use ntsec, release number of cygwin and rsync... (to 
include al this you can attach the output of 'cygcheck -s')

BTW: latest packages are cygwin-1.3.22-1 (which afair defaults to ntsec) 
and rsync-2.5.6-1

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