[RFC] report options

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Fri May 30 03:32:12 EST 2003

Thanks for the reminder, jw -- I had meant to respond to this and forgot.

I like the idea quite a bit since it allows the user to see what's going
on to the exact degree that they need while remaining compatible with
the old rsync behavior.  I just have a couple comments:

Rsync currently has 5 levels of verbosity (with the 5th level being
reserved for a single debug message in the match.c source).  I'd want
to ensure that the lower levels (how many?) match the old rsync behavior
exactly for backward compatibility.  (I noticed that the current code
has DBG_* options erroneously mixed into the RPT_* options in the
RPT_VERBOSE2 level, so it would need a corresponding DBG_VERBOSE2 define
created.)  The higher verbosity levels have so much output that it is
doubtful that people actually rely upon the output for script use, so we
should be able to draw the line at (maybe) verbose level 2
compatibility (though maybe even that isn't needed).

It seems like there should be a way to ask for all the RPT_* options to
be turned on using the --report option as well as all the DBG_* options.
I.e., if the user wanted to say something like --report=all, it would
turn on all the RPT_* options, and if they say --report=all-debug they
would get all the debug messages (at a default of level 1).


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