"whole file" default behavior question

ecantu at satx.rr.com ecantu at satx.rr.com
Wed May 28 11:06:15 EST 2003

Hello All, 
I'm probably too stupid to live, but need help none the less.  
A Redhat 9 workstation sending files to >>> freebsd4.8 server running rsync 
both are 2.5.6 
Test:  Send 500 Meg file "test.avi" with date Jan 01, 2001 across like this: 
(from redhat box) 
#rsync test.avi server::temp/test 
the file gets sent across, just fine, but now on the server, the file date is current 
time/date.   This, I expect. (-a would preserve the date) I then run from the 
redhat box, the exact same command 
#rsync test.avi server::temp/test 
Now the unexpected (for me anyway) happens: entire file is sent across.  Is this 

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