Problem with (corrupt?) file (fwd)

April Carvalho acarvalh at
Wed May 21 06:58:44 EST 2003

I've been having a problem for the past several days with
a shellscript that has been working without problems
for the 11 months.

It's working until the comes up with the following error:

  total: matches=349  tag_hits=4061  false_alarms=1 data=6628073
  ERROR: file corruption in public_html/reports/analog/analog.conf. File
  changed during transfer?

I've tried deleting some of these files, renaming them, and using  the
--checksum switch (along with verbose, and progress switches) in hopes
that something else will be said.  The ironic thing about these files
is that they haven't been changed since March 03.

I'm kindof at a loss on what to check for next.

Any leads on what to check for next would be appreciated.  :-)


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