How to keep to PC's synchronized with a zip disk and rsync

TAZ Vukovic, Mirko mvukovic at
Wed May 21 01:44:01 EST 2003



I am running cygwin and rsync on my home and office PC's.  I'd like to keep
some directory hierarchies synchronized.  I am currently using a 100MB zip
disk to keep essentially a third copy of the directories, and synchronizing
the zip to one PC, and then the second PC to the disk, and the other way


Eventually, the 100MB Zip will not be large enough.  I was wandering if
there was a way for the Zip to carry just the differences that need to be
propagated from one PC to the other.  Looking at rsync, I did not quite see
a way to do it.  Can it be done with rsync internals modifications, or with
some other tool?


Any suggestions and pointers are welcome.




Mirko Vukovic

Tokyo Electron Arizona

Gilbert, Arizona

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