[RFC] report options

Lee Eakin leakin at japh.itg.ti.com
Fri May 16 13:40:21 EST 2003

> Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 20:11:09 -0700
> From: jw schultz <jw at pegasys.ws>
> Subject: [RFC] report options
> I have hinted in the past of wanting to go to a more
> selective control of the output of rsync.  Here it is.

Sounds very cool.  I'm guessing that a side-effect of all this work the
dry-run option will get the ability to optionally show meta changes that
would happen such as owner/group/perms/timestamp changes?

This was discussed some time back, and is probably still on someones
to-do list.  It sure would be nice to see an accurate list of what will
be updated.  Right now we can assume the additional files listed in a
real run that were not listed in dry-run are meta-data, but we don't
know which are changing before the fact so you can save off the state
info before the run or adjust parameters to exclude them.

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