rsync + ssh or what?

Paul O'Neil poneil at
Wed May 14 09:51:52 EST 2003

Hey guys sorry for this newbie type  post but I'm not getting it really. I
see other posts that r asking a simliar question but I'm not understanding.
Currently I have working boxA and BoxC. SSH is the only thing accepted. So
currenty I'm backing up files on boxC with "rsync -e ssh
user at publicIPforB:/home/backup/back_me_up /home/backup". Now I have added
boxB in front of boxC.


Now obviously as u guys have been discussing I think, I need to back up the
files from boxC still to A. I RTFM and am still confused. I want to be able
to SSH to port 22 on B from A of course. Currently if I need to get to C I
SSH to B then SSH to C.

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