remote rsyncd modules and --link-dest

Shaun Cloherty s.cloherty at
Wed May 14 03:41:12 EST 2003

Bah! "use chroot = true"...

> Can anyone shed any light on what I should expect from rsync when the 
> --link-dest option is invoked when the destination is a remote rsync 
> module? i.e.
> rsync --archive --delete --link-dest=../dst_1/ /src/ user at host::xyz/dst_0
> I almost expected to get a whole lot of hard links in dst_1 to unchanged 
> files in dst_0... if I skip rsyncd on the server side (i.e. make the 
> target user at host:/path/to/xyz/dst_0) that is indeed what I get, so could 
> anyone enlighten me as to why the same isn't possible when the 
> destination is a remote module...
> Regards,
> Shaun

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