New Mirror?

Stephan Jau stephan.jau at
Mon May 12 20:34:56 EST 2003

To whom it may concern,

first of all I want to excuse myself for writing to the whole list but I 
can't find out whom I should get directly in contact with.

We are a small company using quite a lot of Open Source software and have 
now setup a server to mirror all those programs (and more). Currently you 
can access it by .
For mirroring the software we normally use wget and also rsync and hence we 
would like to provide an addition http mirror for it.
I know that there are rsync server (rsync:// but 
they don't allow anonymous access and besides we'd rather like to mirror 
the whole homepage than just the program files themselves.

If anyone of you can provide me with further information on how to mirror 
either one please let me know.

Thank you,

Stephan Jau

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