--exclude-from works but "exclude from" in rsyncd.conf doesn't ?

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Sun May 11 06:34:30 EST 2003

On Sat, May 10, 2003 at 04:17:11AM -0700, jw schultz wrote:
> Just to check, the absolute-path stuff doesn't allow path components
> outside of the module to be reported in any diagnostic/verbose
> messages, yes?

That appears to be true since the server doesn't seem to mention any
of the config-specified items getting added to the exclude list nor any
matches that happen.  I haven't checked this is detail yet, though.

>         if (server_exclude_list && check_exclude(fname, server_exclude_list, st)) {
>                 return 1;
>         }

That's the basic idea, yeah.  I chose to go a step farther and clean up
the exclude code to make the calls more consistent, and also to make it
possible to easily add files/lines to the new server_exclude_list (the
old code played favorites with the default exclude_list, but the new
code does not).  The patch is getting to be pretty big now, but I think
the code is quite a bit cleaner.  I've tested it a fair bit (including a
chroot-test this time), and it seems to be working well.  Once again,
the patch name is the same:


Still no attempt to limit the files that the user can upload, though.  I
won't try to fiddle with that until I get this patch incorporated (after
a bit more testing).  If anyone tries this out, please let me know how
it works for you.


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