rsync filling up hardisk on OSX

Michael Fairchild fairchild at
Thu May 8 07:13:03 EST 2003

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 04:47:01PM -0400, Kevin Alexander Boyd wrote:
> Hi,
> Are you using RsyncX or rsync?
I am using rsync-2.5.6 compiled from source.  Allthough the mac with the
problems has RsyncX installed and the other one doesn't.  
>  In either case, I would make sure that all
> of the machines involved are using the same version of rsync for best
> results.  The others on this list may disagree, but in testing, this is
> the best way to eliminate hard to find problems.
This is the strategy I am going for, I thought i would try with whatever
the clients had, but from now on I will send a static binary to each
> Also, could you provide some form of examples of the scripts you are
> trying to run?  This is the best way for the group to try and help.
sure, its kinda long with includes, but here is the command:
nice /private/var/root/rsync-static-mac -vltogprR -e ssh --numeric-ids
--exclude="Applications (Mac OS 9)/" --exclude="Caches/"
--exclude="*.cache" --exclude="*.mp3"  --exclude "/dev*" --exclude
"/private/tmp*" --exclude "/Network*" --exclude "/Volumes*" --exclude
"/private/var/run*"  /. root at
/current/ --delete --stats --progress

Any idea where I can find that 700MB?

> Kevin Boyd
> OS X Deployment Coordinator
> Sys Adm UMIT Contract Services
> On Wed, 7 May 2003, Michael Fairchild wrote:
> > Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 13:41:24 -0700
> > From: Michael Fairchild <fairchild at>
> > To: rsync at
> > Subject: rsync filling up hardisk on OSX
> >
> > Hello,
> >  I am still ironing out the bugs in my rsync backup soloution.  As I said
> > earlier I have it working working initiating from the macs to the linux
> > server, sortof.  The sortof part is what I am trying to eliminate.
> > 2 problems: first rsync seems to be filling up the disk on one of my
> > client OSX machines.  df showed a little over a gigabyte when i started
> > the backup of the ~=30GB drive I had a little over 1GB free.  As the
> > backup was running df reported less and less available space untill I
> > finally killed ctrl-c killed the rsync process when there was only about
> > 250MB left.  Now I can't find where all the used space is. Is there a
> > large temporary directory somewhere?  Can I configure rsync to not use
> > so much tmp space, or change where it is?  Where the heck is that 700MB?
> > On another OSX powerbook It seems to be working ok.  But even on that on
> > it seemed to use a few megs, and not clean them up, after a normal exit.
> > Any ideas?
> > Thanks,
> > Michael
> >
> > Bye the way, a few other wrinkles i smoothed out a bit in my
> > system, in case someone else runs into them:
> > rsync mac client was always copying the entire file, never matching,
> > even with the --size-only flag.  I had to upgrade the clients to 2.5.6,
> > from 2.5.2 and 2.5.5.
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