--exclude-from works but "exclude from" in rsyncd.conf doesn't ?

Sam Sexton Sam.Sexton at reuters.com
Wed May 7 01:03:31 EST 2003

Regarding this reply from Pegasus that I found after reporting the
problem as a bug:

	On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 10:15:47AM +0100, Sam Sexton wrote:
	> I'm setting rsync up for the first time and would prefer to
have the
	> exclude file defined in the conf file, but the exclusions
	> honoured when I define the parameter in rsyncd.conf - although
they are
	> when I specify the file in an argument. The server is the
remote system
	> and both rsyncd.conf and the exclude file are the same on both
local and
	> remote systems. I'm attaching the test script and the conf
file - am I
	> doing something wrong? I haven't verified that all the
exclusions and
	> inclusions are correct - I may well have to adjust those, but
	> report is based on the recognition of the kellym, projects and
	> exclusion.
	> BTW, let me assure you that the "exclude from" line in
rsyncd.conf WAS
	> decommented when I was doing the testing!
	The rsyncd.conf manpage clearly states that the exclude list
	specified in the config file "only applies on the server".
	There is no point my quoting the whole section when you can
	read it yourself.

I had that phrase highlighted in the man page - and had copied the
exclusion file to the server (which is also the target). I mentioned
this in the original report. Perhaps "only applies on the server" needs
to be defined more precisely. Are you saying that the exclusions have to
be defined in a file on the server _and_ the copy performed _from_ the
server rather than _to_ it? 



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