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Tue May 6 19:43:59 EST 2003

From:Mr Sander Yuan, G.Manager          
Chnze Electric Equipment 
No.17-505 Lumingyuan Lucheng Industrial zone Wenzhou China 325007
Fax:86-577-88776860  Tel:86-577-88776861 or 88776862
E-mail:qunze at  chnze at;

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers and
exporters in Electrical Items and Accessories. Our Products include:

1.	Circuit breaker (MCB,ELCB,MCCB)
2.	Ac contactor, Magnetic starter
3.	Relays (Mini relay, time relay, thermal relay)
4.	Meters(panel meter, water meter, watthour meters)
5.	Fuses link and fuse base
6.	Stablizer, UPS(uninterruptible power supply)
7.	Energy saving lamps
8.	Nylon cable tie, Cable clips,terminal block
9.	Micro switch & Limit switch, pushbutton switch
10. Permanent micro DC motor
11.	Electrical accessories
Please kindly visit our website for detail information 
on our range of products.

You are requested to send us your inquiries for the same.
Thanking You & Best Regards
Sander Yuan/G.manager
Chnze electric equipment

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