Batch Mode?

Chad Rosenberg crosenberg at
Thu May 1 03:27:37 EST 2003

I realize batch mode is still experimental, but I was hoping there might be
a workaround for a problem I am getting.  

I have been trying to run some tests and I get the below error when I use
the --read-batch option to.  I can successfully create an initial set of
batch files, then a second set based upon a few modified test files from the
first batch.  When I first run the --read-batch option on the first batch
files against an empty destination directory, it works fine recreating the
expected test files.  But, then I run it on the second set of batch files,
which are supposed to apply changes to my testfile, it errors out:

rsync --read-batch=batch1 --progress --stats -v dest_dir/testfile1
[ Happy results here, testfile1 created in dest_dir ]

rsync --read-batch=batch2 --progress --stats -v dest_dir/testfile1

rsync: error writing 64 unbuffered bytes - exiting: Connection reset by peer
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Now to make things worse, I am running under Cygwin, but I get a very
similar error under my RedHat Linux 9 box.

So, any suggestions?  Or should I just accept that it is still in an
experimental stage and wait for further releases?

Thanks in advance!


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