[RFC] protocol version

jw schultz jw at pegasys.ws
Sat Mar 22 23:39:11 EST 2003

I'm in the midst of coding a patch set for consideration
that will bump the protocol version and have a couple of

The current minimum backwards-compatible protocol is 15
but we have code that checks for protocol versions as old as
12.  If someone else doesn't beat me to it i'm considering
cleaning out the pre-15 compatibility code.  A backwards
compatibility patch could be created for those that want to
keep it.

The current protocol version is 26.  Once i increment it
that will be 27 (duh!) Currently the maximum compatible remote
protocol is 30.  This should be bumped up to 35 or 40.

It has been a long time since protocol 15.  I'm not
suggesting changing the minimum yet, but i am thinking it
might be a good idea to add a OLD_PROTOCOL_VERSION and if
the remote_version <= OLD_PROTOCOL_VERSION kick out a
warning.  I was thinking version 19 for now since 20 was
introduced about four years ago.  A few revs (a year or so)
from now we could then advance the MIN to the OLD and bump
up the OLD and clean out some more cruft.

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