malformed Address

Ashwani Gahlot agahlot at
Fri Mar 21 09:51:01 EST 2003


I am running rsync as daemon and using  rsyncd.conf as  follows

log file = /etc/rsyncid.log

        uid = web
        gid = wweb
        use chroot = yes
        read only  = no
        auth users = myuser
        secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets
        hosts allow  =
        strict modes = no

if I rsync data from, It went through fine, data got
transferred correctly.

But at the same time rsync daemon make entry in the rsycid.log file as

2003/02/27 18:07:06 [2166] malformed address
2003/02/27 18:07:06 [2166] malformed address
2003/02/27 18:07:06 [2166] rsync to usda/ from
myuser at
2003/02/27 18:08:27 [2167] wrote 73 bytes  read 6408164 bytes  total size

If I changes the order of the hosts allow  entry and put the as first host name , it won't make the entry in the log
It seems it makes the entry in the log file for all the addresses which do
not  matches the sending host name.

My question is why we are getting the malformed address entry in the log
file, even when it is finding the correct address?
And is there a way to supress these malformed entries form log file?

Thanks in advance -


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