[rsync@b] Re: Dirvish, --link-dest and permissions

Bert rsync at b.sproing.net
Sat Mar 15 16:38:49 EST 2003

> The network traffic in this case is the blocksums and file
> block copy instructions.  This is the same traffic that you
> would get if you updated the timestamps.

Hmmm. Here is the stats output at the end of one of these 
all-permissions-have-changed rsync sessions:
(this indicates to me that rsync used no local data and sent everything 
over the wire)
	Number of files: 40817
	Number of files transferred: 37757
	Total file size: 4031988583 bytes
	Total transferred file size: 4031988573 bytes
	Literal data: 4031988573 bytes
	Matched data: 0 bytes
	File list size: 1263669
	Total bytes written: 604198
	Total bytes read: 4035210974

	wrote 604198 bytes  read 4035210974 bytes  347331.23 bytes/sec
	total size is 4031988583  speedup is 1.00

Also, here is the rsync command that dirvish invoked:
(perhaps interesting is the whole-file option?)
ACTION: rsync -v --stats -a -H --delete --delete-excluded --numeric-ids 
--exclude-from - -W --link-dest /usr/local/data/bac
dirs-home/20030314-19:50/tree | sed -e '/\/$/d' -e '/ [-=]> /d' >> 

Finally, here is an indication that the 20030310 and 20030314 backups were 
	bash-2.05b# du -s 2003031[04]*
	3967478 20030310-12:55
	4083962 20030314-19:50

	(diff on the first 10,000 filenames showed only 4 changes)

Is this what you expected to see and what you meant by "the same traffic 
that you would get if you updated the timestamps"?  I honestly don't know 
what is expected if the timestamps update, though I vaguely remember lots 
of CPU (calc checksums) but not nearly as much network traffic as this when 
daylight savings kicked in & the FAT timestamps got confused.

Thanks again,

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