Dirvish, --link-dest and permissions

Bert Bee-Lindgren rsync at b.sproing.net
Sat Mar 15 12:33:10 EST 2003

(I'm not sending this to dirvish at pegasus because I think that this message 
applies more to rsync's --link-dest option than to just dirvish.)

I recently noticed a huge spike in dirvish network usage and traced it to 
files whose permissions had been changed. (with rsync v2.5.6)

I understand and agree that a --link-dest copy of a source file cannot be 
hardlinked to, but couldn't a simple file copy be done from the link-dest 
directory and then the permissions/ownership be changed of that new copy?

I think that this would reduce network usage by increasing the value of the 
link-dest files. In some cases (chown/chmod -R, etc), the difference would 
be immense.

What do people think? And any guidance on where I (or someone else!) might 
start changing the code?

Thanks much,

PS - I've been using dirvish for a month or so and love the way it packages 
the rsync snapshotting concept! Thanks!

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