Recursive filetype include

Mark Palatucci markmp at
Sat Mar 15 08:10:59 EST 2003


I have a directory tree that contains many files of type .htm. I don't
want these when I rsync - so I used the option --exclude '*.htm'

There is however, one subdirectory (and all of its subdirectories)
that I would like to include these .htm files.

I tried using many variations of --include 'subdir/*.htm' but this
does not seem to work. It includes the .htm's in the main subdirectory
- but not any of its subdirectories.

Is there anyway I can get rsync to recursively include this filetype
for all the subdirectories of a subdirectory - yet exclude these types
for all the other branches of the main directory tree?

Any info would be most appreciated,

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