File name too long

Paul Slootman paul at
Wed Mar 12 22:23:30 EST 2003

On Wed 12 Mar 2003, jw schultz wrote:
> Not quite final.  I really didn't like calling strcpy for
> single chars so i fixed that.  Also strlcpy counts the null

I was thinking of this, but I'm optimistic that gcc will unroll such

> in the length so a small adjustment had to be made.

Furthermore, ensuring that it's always null-terminated all the time
isn't necessary, but will of course help against screwups in the future.

> Here it is in as a patch to cvs.  Ready for commit since i
> don't have that privilege yet.  It builds and passes the
> testsuite.

Hmm, could you also give it as the plain function? Makes it easier for
me to paste it in my already hacked copy.

> @@ -435,7 +458,7 @@
>  			fd2 = do_mkstemp(fnametmp, file->mode & INITACCESSPERMS);
>  		}
>  		if (fd2 == -1) {
> -			rprintf(FERROR,"mkstemp %s failed: %s\n",fnametmp,strerror(errno));
> +			rprintf(FERROR,"mkstemp s %s failed: %s\n", fname, strerror(errno));

What's the " s " for?

Paul Slootman

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