Problems with ! -p

David Leach dleach at
Wed Mar 12 13:26:34 EST 2003

Hi there,

rsync  version 2.5.5  protocol version 26.

I seem to be having some trouble using rsync to ignore permissions on a
remote host when syncing back to a local host.  I want it to listen to
the umask of the user running the rsync locally.  Eg:

[remote host - I've touched a file made it 4750, etc, etc]
hostb $ mkdir -p /data/rsync/temp
hostb $ touch /data/rsync/temp/foo
hostb $ chgrp blah /data/rsync/temp/foo
hostb $ chmod 4750 /data/rsync/temp/foo
hostb $ ls -lR /data/rsync/temp
total 0
-rwsr-x---   1 rsync    blah          0 Mar 12 13:14 foo

[hosta, I run an rsync and get the following result]
hosta $ ls -lR /data/rsync/temp
/data/rsync/temp: No such file or directory
hosta $ rsync -e ssh --rsync-path=/opt/local/bin/rsync -rtl
hostb:/data/rsync/temp /data/rsync/
hosta $ ls -lR /data/rsync/temp
total 0
-rwsr-x---   1 rsync    rsync          0 Mar 12 13:14 foo

The group is lost, however the permissions are preserved.  How can I
prevent this happening?  Thanks in advance!


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