File name too long

Paul Slootman paul at
Wed Mar 12 06:02:30 EST 2003

On Tue 11 Mar 2003, Luc Santeramo wrote:
> A 16:19 11/03/2003  +0100, Paul Slootman a écrit :
> >On Tue 11 Mar 2003, Luc Santeramo wrote:
> >
> >> maybe you can send me receiver.c ?
> >
> >Done.
> ok I got it
> but maybe I should wait for you and JW to agree on this part ?

Well, it's basically just different implementations, the version I sent
you will work fine. It depends on whether you need this to work right
away, or whether you're happy with waiting for us to whack out a new
version :-)  Anyway, I expect that we'll have a final version tomorrow.
And as a newcomer to rsync hacking, I don't know how soon this will be
accepted into the official sources (can JW commit?)

Paul Slootman

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