Questions about exclude-file

Max Bowsher maxb at
Tue Mar 11 02:14:28 EST 2003

Max Kipness wrote:
> Thanks for the response.
> Concerning the first question of excluding pagefile.sys, yes it would
> indeed be in use. So you are saying that you cannot exclude a file
> that is in use?

Just to demonstrate how weird this situation is:

max at pomello [~] $ ls /c
ls: /cygdrive/c/pagefile.sys: No such file or directory
AUTOEXEC.BAT            IO.SYS         RECYCLER                   boot.ini
CONFIG.SYS              MSDOS.SYS      System Volume Information
DevProgs                NTDETECT.COM   Video                      ntldr
Documents and Settings  Program Files  WINDOWS

Note that pagefile.sys doesn't show up in the dirlist!

Max Bowsher.

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