rsync and timestamps of local files

Haisam K. Ido haisam at
Sun Mar 9 09:01:56 EST 2003

Max Bowsher wrote:
> Haisam K. Ido wrote:
>>bob parker wrote:
>>>I think so. It compares the size and timestamp of your local file
>>>with the remote one of the same name of course. If it all matches
>>>nothing is done unless you force it.
>>If it does that then it is not doing what I'm asking about.
>>I need to know if it checks the local files relative to a local log
>>file that it keeps of previous rsyncings. If it finds differences
>>between the local file and the log file content will it then and only
>>them perform a diff with the remote file with the same name?
> There is no such log file.

Is'nt that inefficient for the network traffic?

> Max.

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