Philipp W. stk at tirol.com
Wed Mar 5 01:59:07 EST 2003

> However RH7.3 would i think have a very old version of
> rsync.  I'd start by upgrading.  Certainly there isn't much
> value of anyone spelunking the current code to fix a problem
> that might already be fixed.

it was 2.5.4, now i compiled 2.5.6
with the same issues...

> You didn't say if this was on stdout or stderr.

i think stdout as
rsync -avvP MCI/ MCI2 --stats --delete 1>1.txt
doesn't give me the 6c6c on the command line nor in the 1.txt

rsync -avvP MCI/ MCI2 --stats --delete 2>1.txt
leaves an empty 1.txt.

>> i changed the dirs ano got the same error..... but shorter
>> (6c6c)
> That is slightly informative.

the dir MCI had 2 subdirs, when i created a third one, only one
6c is left on the command prompt.

> If problem persists identify which stream it is on.  Try
> various numbers of -v with and without -P to see what it
> takes to trigger this.

-vvv prints the following: there you can see one 6c... and rsync stops
here for at least 5 minutes... with -vv, it takes 5 sec.

make_file(4,1 + 2 Semester/Acces Datenbank/Artikel.mdb)

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