Question regarding exclude and invalid arg messages

Morten Primdahl morten at
Mon Jun 30 19:11:59 EST 2003

jw schultz wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 09:42:57AM +0200, Morten Primdahl wrote:
>>I'm running rsync 2.5.6. I use it to backup a RH 7.3 file server 
>>(samba+appletalk) to a FAT32 external HD. I get the following output:
> Huh?  What in the world are you doing?  That description
> sounds very strange.

Oh, I better try and clarify, sorry. By external, I meant a removable
firewire drive. So I'm using rsync between directories on the same
machine, the target being the FAT32 firewire drive.

> I presume the RH box is the source, what is the rsync
> destination box, how does samba+appletalk get involved for a
> FAT32.

Yep, the RH box is the source, and it is the file server. I mentioned
samba+appletalk in order to try and explain the potentially odd looking
file/folder names.

>>.1e6prS failed: Invalid argumentsp_ind/Emails ind/.Icon
>>.fJ98aa failed: Invalid argumentsp_ud/Emails ud/.Icon
>>.qLRVCT failed: Invalid argumentkt/02_Tegninger/planer/ai/.Icon
>>.zM65uw failed: Invalid argumentkt/02_Tegninger/planer/fmz/.Icon
> The above messages are garbage.  Incomplete.
>>mkstemp 2001_12_Villa_OpNed/01_Korrespondance ind/01 
>>Bygherre/Emails/.<None>.1.1.8sX6No failed: Invalid argument
> This makes little sense.  Are you sure you ran configure?
> One other thing. Don't allow line-wrapping of error
> messages.

Ah, I'm not running an rsync server, so I haven't run configure
(pardon my poor initial explanation again).

And line-wrapping, this is just from stdout/stderr from rsync,
but I'll look into how to remove the line-wrapping.

>>What exactly constitutes the bad argument here? I'd guess the
> What "dot-folder"?  If you are talking about the garbage
> lines and .Icon is a folder i know it isn't mkstemp that is
> the problem but there is no telling what is.

Yes, I was talking about the garbage lines and the .Icon folder.
I was trying to decipher the garbage lines and believed that
there was something in the file/dir structure that made rsync



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