rsync/jscript/cygwin problem

peter pan lanwanhr at
Sun Jun 29 07:55:03 EST 2003

I'm using a javascript program to execute rsync 2.5.6
compiled with cygwin on Windows XP Pro machines. 
These backup the user's "My Documents" folder to a
Linux server running rsync 2.5.6 in daemon mode
when the user logs in to XP and certain conditions are
met (e.g. user hasn't backed up for a few days, user
on the network etc).

This works great except every now and then machine
will lose network connectivity.  TCP/IP communications
completely goes although an IP address is still
assigned.  Only a reboot seems to sort this out.  On
all occasions the rsync backup is running when this
happens (again this doesn't happen every user log in
so unlikely to be co-incidence).

The script log output is as follows:

User jbloggs on PC_NAME at 08:50:49 26/06/2003 using
Rsync Data Backup System version 1.12

rsync cmd: C:\"software files"\software\rsync.exe -czr
--stats  /cygdrive/d/"Documents and
Settings"/jbloggs/"My Documents"/

stdOut was:

stdErr was:
rsync: read error: Connection reset by peer
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code
12) at io.c(177)

rsync return code was: 12

Duration was 59.425 seconds

The server log at this time is:

2003/06/26 08:49:51 [30315] rsync: name lookup failed
for Name or service not known
2003/06/26 08:49:51 [30315] rsync to
RsyncBackup/laptop/jbloggs-PC_NAME from unknown
2003/06/26 08:50:24 [30366] recv unknown []
RsyncBackup () Account Control 2003/some groovy
2003.xls 97280
2003/06/26 09:00:24 [30315] rsync error: timeout in
data send/receive (code 30) at io.c(103)
2003/06/26 09:00:24 [30315] rsync: connection
unexpectedly closed
(7638 bytes read so far)
2003/06/26 09:00:24 [30315] rsync error: error in
rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(165)

I really need this system to be reliable as it could
end up on a few hundred machines.  Quite happy to
accept its all my fault but would welcome suggestions
:)  Would the options -czr --stats cause a problem? 
I'm running this under windows scripting host so maybe
I'll also post to a group examining that angle.

Thanks in advance for any help


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