Using include/exclude options

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Fri Jun 27 05:07:42 EST 2003

Hello everyone.

I have a question about using the include/exclude function for rsync.
What I am trying to do is backup specific directories and their 
corresponding data, while at the same time, excluding other directories.

Specifically, I have a backup server with the follow setup:

/backupstorage/D/...all the directories are here...there are roughly 18 

So what I was trying to do was create a file that I can point to specify 
what directories I want backed up.

Here is what I was attempting:

rsync -avn --include-file=/home/rsyncfile /backupstorage/D/ /home/rsyncbak

It is a dry run of course. However, it still wants to backup everything in 
the /backupstorage/D/.

Here is a quick snip of what is in my rsyncfile:

/backupstorage/D/1999 TaxReturns/

Im guessing that im not specifying correctly in the file.

Anyone have any input on what im doing wrong?

Thank you.


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