[patch] Basic HTTP Proxy Authentication

Alvaro Figueroa fede2 at fuerzag.ulatina.ac.cr
Wed Jun 25 07:48:52 EST 2003

On 2002-Apr-04 at 02:24:41 -0800, Bardur Arantsson wrote:

> I have put together a patch for supporting "Basic" HTTP Proxy 
> Authentication. The patch changes the interpretatio of the RSYNC_PROXY
> environment variable so that the syntax
> user:pass at proxy.foo:port
> may be used instead of just
> proxy.foo:port
> (the old syntax is of course still supported).

There is a problem with the way this syntax is being handled by the
patch. It's because of the way it detects the "@" that separates
user:pass and host:port. It fails because the username and/or password
could have[0] an "@" in them.

This is basically a problem if some user whould like to use (e.g.)
radius realms[2], in order that the username becomes something like
username at realm.

> The patch has only been tested lightly, but it should(TM) 
> work.

Yeah. Actually the guys from Gentoo are including this patch in the
rsync 2.5.6 package.

(Note: Please CC to me, as I'm not subscribed to the list)

[0] RFC 2617 (HTTP Autentication) defines the userid field as TEXT[1]
excluding ":".
[1] RFC 2616 (HTTP) defines TEXT as any OCTECT (any 8-bit sequence of
data) except CLTs, but including LWS.
[2] RFC 2138 (Radius) defines a field as "name at fqdn"
Alvaro Figueroa

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