Some problems with rsync

Jens Trach <> jens.trach at
Mon Jun 23 16:28:02 EST 2003

We use rsync to synchronice some folders from our Server inside the intranet
behind firewall and router, to the internet.

All together we sync 23 folders
for example we use:
# Case 1
rsync -e "ssh -i /path/keyfile -1" -auzP --bwlimit=8 '/path/directory_1'
'user at internetserver:/path/directory_1/'
# Case 2
rsync -e "ssh -i /path/keyfile -1" -auzP --bwlimit=8 '/path/directory_2'
'user at internetserver:/path/directory_2/'

In 12 cases it will be nice, if I delete the folder on the server in the
internet, rsync create´s it again and loads up the files recursive.
But in 11 cases it creats a folder named ^M and inside that folder the
directory wich I want to transfer and inside it the files recursive.

First time I tought it will be, because there are some empty folders but if
I create a file named empty.txt inside them the problem will still be the

What is the case, because rsync creats ^M folders???

All is running from a batch witch will be started by cron and the folders on
the source-side will be typed in corectly.
The keyfile is the same for all Transfers and will be used, becaus rsync
creats folders on the target.
Exquse me pleas for my bad english, but I´m a german ones an english isn´t
my mothers language.

Can you help me please.

Greatings from germany
Jens Trach
jens.trach at

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