Installing rsync as a service on Windows 2000.

cbarratt at cbarratt at
Mon Jun 23 09:35:11 EST 2003

> An updated version of the "Rsync on NT" document is now available at:

For those of us without the benefit of the M$ Windows NT or 2000
Resource Kit, cygwin's own cygrunsrv does the equivalent (or better)
job than the M$ instsrv/srvany.

An example for installing rsyncd as a WinXX service (assuming rsync.exe and
rsyncd.conf are in c:\rsyncd):

    cygrunsrv.exe -I "RSYNC" -p c:\rsyncd\rsync.exe -a "--config=c:\rsyncd\rsyncd.conf --daemon --no-detach"

Then just use the Services panel to start the rsync service.  No need for
registry edits for the command-line arguments.


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