any way to get --one-file-system in rsyncd.conf?

Phil Howard phil-rsync at
Mon Jun 23 04:35:10 EST 2003

On Sun, Jun 22, 2003 at 10:34:17AM -0700, cbarratt at wrote:

| > I would like to specify an entry in /etc/rsyncd.conf such that it
| > operates on a --one-file-system basis always.  The path will point
| > to a filesystem mount point, but there is another filesystem that
| > is mounted in a subdirectory.  I want to back up only those files
| > in the pointed to filesystem, and not the one mounted within (in
| > that run, anyway).  I do not see such an option in man rsyncd.conf.
| > Is there an undocumented one available?
| I don't think so.  But an alternative is use the exclude option in
| rsyncd.conf to exclude any mount points.  There are some caveats -
| see the man page.

Thanks for the response.

I'll probably avoid the exclude and just use a separate set of bind
mounts of the same filesystems in a non-overlapping way.  I was hoping
to cleanly avoid that, but bind mounts are reasonably clean even if
they do clutter /etc/mtab a bit.  Since I'm doing this on Linux, this
is an option.  I'm not sure what my options will be on other systems
if/when I need to run those.

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