Rsync over ssh

mbp at mbp at
Sat Jun 21 09:56:58 EST 2003

On 16 Jun 2003, David Nickel <dnickel at> wrote:
> I have been trying desperately to get rsync to work over ssh with empty 
> passwords. On Server A (which is running the rsync daemon) and Server B I 
> have a user rsyncd that I have already setup with public key empty password 
> authentication. I can ssh either way with no problem. But when I run the 
> command  ' rsync  -av --rsh="ssh -l rsyncd" ServerA::www/home/dir 
> /www/home/dir' from ServerB I get the following error:

Do you really want to use double-colon mode with ssh?

What about 

  rsync -av --rsh=ssh rsyncd at servera:wwww/home/dir


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