passwd and secrets files (2.5.6)

Sam Sexton Sam.Sexton at
Thu Jun 19 02:17:17 EST 2003

I am a little confused regarding the above files. As I read the man
pages, the passwd file is for the password of the user as which the
rsync server runs - on the server machine. The secrets files (AFAIK)
contain the name:password for the valid users of rsync. Some problems
that arose ("address family not supported") went away after I updated
both this file and the password file. These problems arose as
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow were copied from one machine to another. 
After everything worked fine again, I tried to recreate the problems in
an orderly fashion, so that I could document symptoms and cures, but
after copying /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow again (so that both sides had
the same password), everything worked fine - even after restarting the
rsync daemon and later rebooting! The situation now (passwords truncated
of course) is:
                        Edelfelt                    Tazdevil
rsync.passwd    A                             B
rsync.secrets    root:B                        root:A
The actual root password on both machines is now A and transfers work in
both directions - which doesn't seem right to me!
I'd appreciate any explanation - grateful if you could include me
explicitly on the reply as I'm not in the list.
Many thanks,




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