Rsync Performance In Windows

Chris McKeever cgmckeever at
Tue Jun 17 07:03:09 EST 2003

Thanks for your response...
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> _Chris McKeever_ wrote:
>  >The linux machine connecting to the windows rsync daemon 
> has a very low
>  >performance hit when the session is running (see below).  
> However, the
>  >windows machine, which has a much faster CPU hits a CPU 
> usage of 100%.
>  >
> rsync CPU usage is not symmetric, this could be "normal".
> But it has spikes of 100% or a continuous use of 100%?

as soon as a remote server connects to it, it spikes and sticks at 100%

> Are you working in a local LAN?

yes, connected via point-to=point t-1 lines

> Is transfer imited by LAN speed?
to a degree
 by HDD speed? 
by CPU speed?
seems on the windows machine it is the CPU

> In that case, for files not too long, it may be "better" 
> CPU-wise to use
> the normal check for date instead of the full block hash checking...

I may give the date check a go tonight and see if help remedies the issues.

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