Rsync Performance In Windows

Greger Cronquist greger_cronquist at
Tue Jun 17 05:42:02 EST 2003

Did you compile from the sources, or did you grab the cygwin binary?

I suggest you build it from the sources and apply the "craigb-perf.diff" 
patch which is in the patches directory in the 2.5.6 distribution. This 
patch makes all the difference for Windows (system calls cost a lot 
under cygwin).

If you don't want to compile it yourself, I have an older version 
(2.5.6cvs from august last year, works nicely) available at


_Chris McKeever_ wrote:

>Has anyone else experienced high CPU usage when using RSYNC in windows 2000
>server?  I am using the rsync.exe (and applicable DLL's) from the cygwin
>installation (I am not however running cygwin on this machine).
>The linux machine connecting to the windows rsync daemon has a very low
>performance hit when the session is running (see below).  However, the
>windows machine, which has a much faster CPU hits a CPU usage of 100%.
>If anyone else has seen this, and/or can help alleviate the issue, that
>would be great.  I am using rsync to backup across our network our branch
>file servers.
>CPU states:  1.5% user,  3.1% system,  0.0% nice, 95.2% idle
>Mem:   126636K av,  124008K used,    2628K free,       0K shrd,   26580K
>Swap: 1020560K av,    7360K used, 1013200K free                   32044K
>18600 root      15   0  7544 7544   704 R     3.1  5.9   0:05 rsync
>18644 root      15   0  1040 1040   832 R     1.1  0.8   0:02 top
>18557 root      15   0  1740 1680  1428 S     0.1  1.3   0:00 sshd

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